Clare sculpting

Clare Ellwood’s ability and creativity as an artist is clearly demonstrated in the illustrations of her sculptures – usually of animals – shown here on this site.

In the strange days of 2020, away from her usual working life, Clare wanted to return to her first love, and create new art works. Sculpting in bronze was not a realistic option in lockdown – but papier mache was. Clare’s deep love for animals is apparent in her work. Her medical background gives her a rare true  understanding of anatomy and physiology and her empathy with her subjects radiates from her work.

Clare hopes you enjoy those recent works:- country gentlemen badgers, suave elegant foxes, hopeful beagles, riverbank otters and relaxing hares.

And as the WFH days continued in 2021, Clare looked back some way to recall her early career – creating spectacular cakes for weddings, birthdays and special events. Clare can even  boast of an outright national victory in a BBC Food Magazine competition for cake decorating.

Her ability to create stunning life-like figures, her eye for detail and sense of humour, all made her cakes highly sought after, and many happy clients have enjoyed them as the key element in an important celebration.

But that was then, and this is 2021:

Clare plans to keep up the enjoyable work in producing brilliantly decorated cakes for her clients, between her other working tasks and a busy family life.

Baked and decorated in both Somerset and London, cakes can be delivered anywhere in the UK, so do get in touch, via the Contact page here, and see if you can set Clare your own ‘cake artistic challenge’!

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